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We offer a wide range of events to suit everyone. These include live entertainment- including singers, dancers and amateur dramatics groups. Flower arranging, seated exercise class, Arts and Crafts, Quizzes and Bingo. 

August 2022 

Monday 1st; Adrian’s world events and wordle games 
Tuesday 2nd; Troubador- Jubilee show 
Wednesday 3rd; Group card games 
Thursday 4th; Wordle and word search games 
Monday 8th; Adrian’s local events and quiz an2d grop card games 
Tuesday 9th; Kathy’s Keep Fit 
Wednesday 10th; Chocolate Bingo 
Thursday 11th; Cookie Baking 
Monday 15th;Adrian’s World Events 
Tuesday 16th; Kathy’s Keep Fit 
Wednesday 17th; Group Games 
Thursday 18th; Prize Bingo 
Monday 22nd; Adrian’s Local area Discussion’s and Chocolate Bingo 
Tuesday 23rd; SUMMER HOLIDAY’S PARTY with Helen Performing and Summer Raffle 
Wednesday 24th; Cookie Baking 
Thursday 25th; The Price is Right and The Memory Game 
Tuesday 30th; Kathy’s keep Fit 
Wednesday 31st; Prize Bingo 
Thursday 1st; Wordle and word search games 

July 2022 

Monday 4th July; Adrian’s historical events and Chocolate Bingo 
Tuesday 5th; Kathy’s Keep Fit and Wimbledon Quiz with a Wimbledon Themed Lunch followed by Cream Tea! 
Wednesday 6th; Play Your Card’s right and Pairs followed by Wimbledon Cream Tea’s. 
Thursday 7th; Group Sports Day Activities 
Monday 11th; Adrian’s Local Events Discussions and Wimbledon Quiz 
Tuesday 12th; Terry Gleed will be in singing everyone’s favourite tunes 
Wednesday 13th; Chocolate Bingo 
Thursday 14th; Group Card Games 
Monday 18th; Adrian’s Historical Events and chocolate bingo 
Tuesday 19th; Kathy’s Keep Fit 
Wednesday 20th; Group Card Games 
Thursday 21st; Head Bandz Group Game and Debbie’s Quiz 
Monday 25th; Adrian’s World Events and Group Card Games 
Tuesday 26th; Kathy’s keep Fit 
Wednesday 27th; Watercolour Art Session 
Thursday 28th; Prize Bingo 

June 2022 

Wednesday 1st; Watercolour art session 
Monday 6th; Adrian’s local Event’s Discussion’s and Jubilee Quiz. 
Tuesday 7th; Platinum Jubilee Party (featuring Helen’s Jubilee Show) 
Wednesday 8th; Chocolate Bingo 
Thursday 9th; Jubilee Quiz 
Monday 13th; Adrian’s World Event’s Discussion’s and Chocolate Bingo 
Tuesday 14th; Kathy’s Keep fit 
Wednesday 15th; The Price is right and Quiz 
Thursday 16th; Prize Bingo 
Monday 20th; Adrian’s Local Event’s and The Price is Right 
Tuesday 21st; Kathy’s Keep Fit 
Wednesday 22nd; Prize Bingo 
Thursday 24th; Watercolour Art Session 
Monday 27th; Adrian’s World Event’ s and quiz 
Tuesday 28th; Kathy’s Keep Fit 
Wednesday 29th; Selection of Arts and Crafts 
Thursday 30th; Group Card Games 

May 2022 

Tuesday 3rd; Kathy’s Keep Fit 
Wednesday 4th; Play your cards right and pairs 
Thursday 5th; Chocolate Bingo! 
Monday 9th May; Adrian’s World events and quiz 
Tuesday 10th; Kathy’s Keep Fit 
Wednesday 11th; Chocolate Bingo! 
Thursday 12th; Water colours Art Session 
Monday 16th; Adrian’s World Events and nail painting and hand massage 
Tuesday 17th; Kathy’s Keep Fit 
Wednesday 18th; -Chocolate Bingo! 
Thursday 19th; Group games including floor darts, skittles and more! 
Monday 23rd; Adrian’s currents affairs and head bandz game 
Tuesday 24th; Kathy’s Keep Fit 
Wednesday 25th; The Price is right, the shopping game and summer quiz 
Thursday 26th; “Emma Playle” singing Jubilee songs 
Monday 30th; Adrian’s World Events and chocolate Bingo 
Tuesday 31st; Kathy’s Keep fit 

April 2022 

Monday 4th; Adrian’s local events facts and Easter quiz 
Tuesday 5th; Easter Party including Terry Gleed, raffle and Roast lamb lunch. 
Wednesday 6th; Easter bonnet making and competition 
Thursday 7th; Easter bonnet making and competition 
Monday 11th; Adrian’s local events discussions and Bunny Bingo 
Tuesday 12th; Kathy’s Easter Keep Fit 
Wednesday 13th; Easter card crafts and quiz 
Thursday 14th; Bunny Bingo and Easter quiz 
Tuesday 19th; Kathys keep fit 
Wednesday 20th; Watercolours Arts Session 
Thursday 21st; St Georges Day Celebrations with entertainment and themed lunch 
Monday 25th; Adrians World events discussions and St Georges Day Quiz 
Tuesday 26th; Kathy’s Keep Fit 
Wednesday 27th; chocolate Bingo and quiz 
Thursday 28th; Play your cards right and pairs 

March 2022 

Tuesday 1st; Pancake Day, competition and Pancakes for pud! 
Wednesday 2nd;Watercolour art session 
Thursday 3rd; Play your cards right and pairs 
Monday 7th; Adrian’s World Events discussions and chocolate bingo 
Tuesday 8th; Helens 50’s and 60’s show 
Wednesday 9th; Nail Painting and Hand Massage and spring quiz 
Thursday 10th; Water Colour Art Session 
Monday 14th; Adrian’s local discussions and group games 
Tuesday 15th; Keep fit and group quiz 
Wednesday 16th; Sports Day-Seated games 
Thursday 17th; St PATRICKS Day Celebrations and Themed Lunch 
Monday 21st; Adrian’s World Events Discussions and Quiz 
Tuesday 22nd; Troubador Theatre Productions 
Wednesday 23rd; Prize Bingo 
Thursday 24th; Sports Day-Group games 
Monday 28th; Arian’s Local Discussion’s and group quiz 
Tuesday 29th; Keep fit and Group quiz 
Wednesday 30th; Play Your cards right, pairs and “Have you ever?” games 
Thursday 31st; Nail Painting, Hand massage and group quiz 

February 2022 

Tuesday 1st; Ian's Magc Show 
Wednesday 2nd; Play You Cards Right and Pairs 
Thursday 3rd; Prize Bingo 
Monday 7th; Adrian's World Events and Chocolate Bingo 
Tuesday 8th; Keep t and Group Quiz 
Wednesday 9th; Valentines Day card cafts 
Thursday 10th; Valentines Day Heart Wreath Crafts 
Monday 14th; Adrian's World Events Discussions and Valentines Day Quiz 
Tuesday 15th; Keep Fit and Quiz 
Wednesday 16th; Chocolate Bingo 
Thursday 17th; Group card games and quiz 
Monday 21st; Adrian's storical Events Discussions and nail painting and massage 
Tuesday 22nd; Keep Fit and Bingo 
Wednesday 23rd; Chocolate Bingo 
Thursday 24th; Nail Painting, hand massage and quiz 
Monday 28th; Adrian's World Events and Chocolate Bingo 

January 2022 

Monday 3rd; CLOSED 
Tuesday 4th; Welcome back greetings with Keep it and nature quiz 
Wednesday 5th; Group Card games 
Thursday 6th; Choclate Bingo 
Monday 10th; Adians Historical iscussions and Chocolate Bingo 
Tuesday 11th; Tery Gleed singing sensation will be back! 
Wednesday 12th; 0Decoupage Jar Crafts 
Wednesday 12th; 0Decoupage Jar Crafts 
Thursday 13th;Dec%oupage Jar Crafts and group quiz 
Monday 17th; Adrians World Discussions and Quiz Time 
Tuesday 18th; Keep Fit and Biscuit decorating crafts 
Wednesday 19th; Biscuit Decorating crafts 
Thursday 20th; Play Your Cards Right and Pairs card games 
Monday 21st; Adrian's storical Events Discussions and nail painting and massage 
Tuesay 22nd; Keep Fit and Bingo 
Wednesday 23rd; Chocolate Bingo 
Thursday 24th; Nail Painting, hand massage and quiz 
Monday 28th; Adrian's World Events and Chocolate Bingo 

Our Gallery 

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